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Cablevision noted, however, that Internet access is not required to use the iPad app. Both Cablevision and Time Warner Cable assert that providing live TV through their respective iPad apps is covered under existing carriage agreements, since the tablets simply function as another TV screen in a subscriber's home. Not all media companies have a problem having their networks available for viewing on iPads. In a statement Friday , Turner Broadcasting System said TWC's app lets customers "watch our live linear networks on a device located within the home, and we, therefore, agreed to allow them to expand the number of networks that they are making available for this application as this is consistent with the agreement we have with Time Warner Cable.

But cable programmers including Discovery, Fox, Viacom and Scripps Networks have complained that delivering their programming to iPads or other tablets is outside the bounds of what is allowed under existing agreements, and would require operators to negotiate explicit rights for such devices.

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In , the operator built a prototype of a network-based digital video recorder service, dubbed the Remote Storage DVR, only to be sued by a coalition of TV programmers, movie studios and other content owners alleging the service violated copyright laws. The MSO prevailed in after the U.

Cablevision Optimum TV streaming app now available on the Kindle Fire

PR Feed. Cablevision has the right to distribute programming over its cable system to iPads configured in this way under its existing distribution agreements with programming providers. Customers do not need to have Internet access to use the Optimum App for iPad. The company plans to integrate remote control functionality into the Optimum App for iPad this summer.

Pre-Programmed Codes

Its assets include cable television operations that provide industry-leading services to more than 3 million New York area households. Cablevision also delivers advanced video, voice and Internet services to more than , households in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

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Back By Popular Demand! Your remote is capable of automatically pairing with a variety of TV brands making it easy to set up.

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Your remote has thousands of codes programmed into it, and one of the codes is bound to work for your TV. This might take a little longer, but it is still simple to do. Verify that the remote has been programmed correctly by turning the TV on and off and adjusting the volume. Once your remote is programmed it automatically controls the volume and mute functions on your TV, if you want it to control the volume and mute on your cable box then you need to do a little reprogramming.

Cablevision adds Univision and Telefutura in HD – HD Report

To reset the volume control to your TV you need to reprogram the remote using one of the TV programming methods above. Verify that the remote has been programmed correctly by turning the TV on and off. Once the code has been verified, lock it in by pressing the TV key and the iO key will blink twice to confirm the code storage.

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